August 2017

1.08.2017 Bad Friedrichshall anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

Opening of the exhibition about the Warsaw Uprising in salt mine tunnels, where after the insurrection, the exiled people from Warsaw were forced to work on the rocket engines. Inaugurate the Consul of the Republic of Poland in Munich Mr. Marcin Król celebrated this heroic uprising 73 years ago. After celebrations at the mine, Consul […]

July 2017

22.07.2017 Gala dinner and concert at the Castle in Oedheim

Annual formal party in the walls and park of the Medieval Castle of Oedheim, combined with a live summer concert it was a perfect place to meet representatives of the world of diplomacy, politics, science, economy and finance. In discussions, the subject of which was related to the short speech of a world-renowned UN expert, […]

June 2017

22.06.2017 Szczecin, awarding the highest decoration of Hungary

Participation in the ceremony of the decoration by President János Áder Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Order Fr. Archbishop prof. dr hab. Andrzej Dzięge.At the invitation of the Ambassador of Hungary Dr. Orsolya Zsuzsanna Kovács and West Pomeranian Governor dr. Krzysztof Kozłowski participated in the ceremony take : Mrs. Alice Roch, Mr. Zbigniew Rocha […]

21-22. 06. 2017  Rzeszów, II Congress “Business without limits” G2A Arena

Assumption patronage of the European Business Club G2A Arena Congress Center in the Special Economic Zone of Rzeszow Jasionka.Plenary lecture Z. Roch , A. Stasch, W. Witowski “From Start UP to Microsoft and Facebook”

May 2017

3.05.2017 Munich, Consulate General of Poland

Anniversary ceremonies for the enactment of the Government Act of 3 May 1791, the first in Europe of the Constitution was an opportunity to meet representatives of the world of diplomacy, politics, NATO structures, scientific and economic organizations and numerous bunch of Polonia invited by Consul General Andrzej Osiak. Occasional speeches, discussions on current political […]

April 2017

23-27.04.2017  Hanover, CeMat Industry Fair

The partnership of Poland at this year’s Hanover Fair has created an excellent opportunity not only to promote the latest industrial solutions but also to hold talks with members of the Polish Government. The Management Board of the European Business Club, at the meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Development, presented to the […]

22 – 23.04.2017, Gdańsk Polish Center of Water Sports

Anna Maria Anders, Secretary of State and Government Plenipotentiary for International Dialogue, has solemnly opened the Polish Water Sports Center. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of Polonia, and the World Federation of Polish Sports (WPSF). On behalf of the European Business Club as a representative of the German Polonia, prof. Anton Stasch. During […]

19.04. 2017 Warsaw, Conference of the “Polish Citizens for Fair Taxes” Coalition

Column Hall of the Polish Parliament, organized by the Parliamentary Group for Supporting Entrepreneurship and Economic Patriotism with the participation of Mr. Henryk Kowalczyk, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Council of Polish Ministers
 On behalf of the Scientific Council of the European Business Club professor Stasch and dr inż. Witold Witowski presented the […]

March 2017

22.03.2017  Warsaw, Institute of Aviation


Cooperation opportunities between the Institute of Aviation ( one of the most innovative research centers in Poland, and partner organizations from the most technologically advanced EU region, Baden-Württemberg, were the objective of the meeting of the institute and club management. The talks focused particular attention on technology transfer and prospects for their implementation with the […]

December 2016

10.12.2016 Istanbul, International Economic Forum


Maintaining a dialogue at economic level, despite current political tensions, was a goal organized jointly with the “Diplomaten International Turkey” organization of the 3rd International Cooperation for Investment in Istanbul. By resigning from government patronage, both organizations have INGO status, focused on inviting business and finance representatives, emphasizing the importance they have in today’s economics […]