The partnership of Poland at this year’s Hanover Fair has created an excellent opportunity not only to promote the latest industrial solutions but also to hold talks with members of the Polish Government. The Management Board of the European Business Club, at the meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Development, presented to the Minister Tadeusz Kościosławski proposals for a technological plan that could affect the current challenges facing the Polish economy. The implementation of this highly innovative technology package would not only help solve the problems of economically justified use of hard coal resources, strengthen energy independence, and tackle difficult post-production waste, but above all to tackle a restrictive EU norm, with radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. smog health and water and soil protection. The package, developed with the participation of world-renowned EU and ONZ experts, esteemed academics, experienced managers, and representatives of international corporations, it is ready plan to launch new, highly profitable, innovative production lines based on proven and cost-effective pilot projects. The developed plan assumes not only locations in Poland of production plants to meet domestic needs, but also the export of highly-processed products, including also energy carriers, in the future.