(Film of the Conference)

“On the road to peace” is the name of the International Congress in Girne, peace initiatives and economic EBCA aimed at the reunification of Cyprus, liquidations entanglements in Nicosia – the last divided European capital with barbed wire, and sustainable development of the island. Particularly hot was adopted the concept of this summit by the President of Northern Cyprus, Mr. Mustafa Akinci, and Prime Minister Mr Omer Kalyoncu, who personally took over the patronage of the Congress. Equally enthusiastically supported these activities club members of the Cypriot government, Mrs. Emine Colak, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Finance Mr. Birikim Özgür, Minister of Economy and Energy, Mr. sunat Atun, and the chief negotiator for the Turkish-Cypriot, Mr. Ozdil Nami, stressing the importance of this type initiatives for the peace process and economic development in the region.

The Congress, prepared by EBCA in cooperation with the American University in Girne, and the organization “International Diplomatic” Turkey, was a landmark meeting, which was attended by representatives of government, academia, the leading international economic organizations, globally operating investment funds and companies and investors and private companies interested in the realization of the projects presented there. The theme of the Congress was the presentation prepared by the experts of the club with the aim of revitalizing the region. Establishing economic cooperation, research and teaching, the transfer of the latest technologies, the creation of centers of competence, switch to renewable energy and the wider ecology, sustainable development of traditional agriculture and tourism while preserving their own identity, and protection of the environment – these are the main points of this program, which aims is the transformation of Cyprus in organic “Blue pearl” Mediterranean.

Direct broadcast TV, the shutter of the congress, published in the news Cypriot and Turkish, and a dozen press articles, confirms the great interest in the process of unification and development of the region.

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