The activities of the Club

Opinion-making and lobbying activities:

~ representing the legitimate interests of the members of the Cub to business organizations, and representatives of national parliaments and in the European Union,
~ participation in these debates and consultations and organization of own information meetings that presenting specific proposals for selected economic, investment and technological problems,
~ issuing opinions on being prepared legal acts and programs,
~ taking stands in basic economic issues, scientific, political and social issues related to the activities of the Club.

Supporting of scientific research:

~ creating the necessary conditions to carry out some scientific research and the implementation of their results in the economy,
~ promotion of technological achievements and diversification of them.


~ organization of training courses, symposia and seminars,
~ the assistance in the training of managers in specialized universities,
~ the assistance in obtaining practices in leading companies in Europe,
~ foundation and acquisition scholarships for outstanding students and researchers of related to the club activities.

Organization of events:

~ foreign visits and business missions,
~ conferences and business forum,
~ meetings with interesting people,
~ thematic and camaraderie meeting of the members of the Club,
~ charity balls.

Charity and social activity:

~ supporting the development of pro-humanitarian technology,
~ development of assistance programs for developing countries,
~ direct assistance to organizations and individuals which are in particularly difficult situations,
~ promotion of ideas, attitudes, and people associated with charitable activities.

Awards of the Club:

~ the granting of awards statuette” European Victoria” eminent personalities from the world of politics, science and economy, and promote outstanding achievements in the field of innovation, business strategy, reliability and community involvement.

Promotion of member companies:

~ organizing the presentation of the company and / or its products by participating in exhibitions, fairs and business meetings,
~ optimization of PR activities.

The exchange of economic and legal information:

~ the stock exchange of contacts, cooperation, orders and commissions,
~ providing information on the European Union laws which are in force or being developed.

Transfer of technology and equipment

Placing into foreign markets:

~ the market research,
~ develop a strategy of development of the company,
~ organization of trade and economic missions,
~ assistance in the creation of a new agency or company in the selected country,
~ •monitoring the progress of the project.

~ selection of programs,
~ the search for partners,
~ organization of training for applying for funding, implementation and settlement of projects,
~ the preparation applications and care for project.

The services provided to members of the Club:

~ economic and financial consulting,
~ the preparation of expertise and giving opinions,
~ mediation assistance,
  • interventions for the benefit of Club members,
  • organization of individual business meetings and their comprehensive service,
  • making available club rooms, office facilities and transportation,
~ organization of assistance of random accidents abroad.

You are cordially invited for cooperation.



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