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May 2016

18.05.2016 Kattowitz


Participation in the European Economic Congress in Katowice. Click here eecpoland.eu to the conference page

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April 2016



Problems related to the immigration crisis in U.E. They were the topic of conversation Thomas Strobl, the Deputy Chairman of the CDU Angela Merkel with the President of the ECB Zbigniew Roch.

During the meeting Z. Roch presented proposals club, supporting the efforts of the German government on the long-term solution to this problem.


January 2016

23.01.2016 Oedheim


Traditional Charity Ball New Year at the Castle Oedheim was not only an opportunity to meet members of the Club and its supporters with invited representatives of organizations and companies cooperating with the Club, and prominent guests, support our children, but as well as champagne fun, during which they have not forgotten about the charges […]

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November 2015

29.11.2015 Kyrenia


Banquet, released by the Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus in the “Chateau Lambousa” in honor of the guests of the Congress, “On the road to peace” was a great scenes to establish interesting contacts and knowledge of traditional Cypriot cuisine, its folklore and traditions,

During the Gala Premier Omer Kalyoncu awarded commemorative diplomas organizers and special […]

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28.11.2015 Girne


(Film of the Conference)

“On the road to peace” is the name of the International Congress in Girne, peace initiatives and economic EBCA aimed at the reunification of Cyprus, liquidations entanglements in Nicosia – the last divided European capital with barbed wire, and sustainable development of the island. Particularly hot was adopted the concept of […]

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27.11.2015 Nikozja


Meeting the Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus with the organizers of the Congress, “On the road to peace”, during which Mr. Omer Kalyoncu, announced plans to develop the region in the context of the objectives of the project prepared the club “Blue Pearl” Mediterranean, declaring at the same time further support of his government for […]

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26.11.2015 Nikozja


At the invitation of the President of Northern Cyprus, Mr. Mustafa Akinci, the organizers of the congress “On the road to peace,” they paid a visit to the Presidential Palace in Nicosia. During a meeting lasting more than an hour, the President informed on the progress of the peace process in Cyprus, and are familiar […]

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25.11.2015 Nikozja


During the press conference, broadcast by major television channels Cypriot organizers of the Conference “On the way to peace,” they answered the questions of journalists dedicated to the approaching peace-economic forum in Girne.

Presenting the objectives of the program the Club “Blue Pearl”, the President EBCA Zbigniew Roch emphasize the inseparability of economic development of the […]

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23.11.2015 Warszawa


Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Club Prof. Antoni Stasch took part in the debate expert of the Ministry of National Defense, dedicated to the defense of universal Poland. The discussion was preceded by a report ZPP / Warsaw Enterprise Institute: “Universal Territorial Defence. Independent of the Armed Forces. Based on the companies’

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21.11.2015 Saarbrücken


The ceremonial opening of the German-French-Swiss representative office Verano – a leading Polish manufacturer of energy-efficient dual converters heating and cooling, it was an excellent opportunity to present innovative technical solutions in conjunction with the latest architectural trends and individual design of the proposed system.
At the invitation of the director. General representative, Mr Stefan […]

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