As part of the educational and scientific research mission the European Business Club promotes initiatives to exploiting the opportunities of Europeanization and globalization. An important priority of our activities is to provide our members and companies and individuals with cooperate which us permanent access to knowledge at the highest level. The strategic goal of education and scientific research supported by our Association is to increase competitiveness of the European elite managers by the better prepare to meet the increasingly higher requirements imposed by a growing economy. An important part of this task is the Swiss-German studies which prepare for:

– attainment the leading management positions with employers from the European Union in the global market operating in 172 countries of the world.

– setting up and running their own businesses in European countries with pro-development tax policy low bureaucracy and corruption, and high socio-political stabilization.

– minimize the the burden of tax and bureaucratic by the investing in countries friendly entrepreneurship, inventiveness and thus the development of high technologies.


To the priorities and strategic education model implemented by the European Business Club belong:

– the preparation to obtain new, sought professions in the labor market.
– assistance in training for managers.
– funding of and assistance in obtaining scholarships for outstanding students and    research staff.
– assistance in obtaining practices in leading European companies.
– the promotion of research.
– organizing training courses, symposia and seminars.

 Welcome to the cooperate.


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