The organizational structure

The bodies of the Association are:

~ The General Assembly
~ The Management Board
~ The Program Council
~ The Audit Committee
~ Problem Commissions
~ Bureau

The Management Board

Zbigniew Roch – President
Manfred Hellwig – Member of the Management
Reinhard Paul – Member of the Management
Hussein Hazime – Member of the Management

Program Council

xr  Alice Roch – President of the Program Council
xr  Jan Dethloff – Vice President of the Program Council

The Scientific Council:

→ Professor Antoni Stasch ~ Chairman

Rector of the European Academy for Technology and Management Oedheim , Germany

~ Professor  Felix Hovsepian ~ Vice-Chairman

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of Mathematics
The Russian State University in Moscow, Russia



→ Professor Longin Pastusiak

Political scientist, specialist for the US,
he was the Marshal the Senate in Poland

→ Professor Marek Cieciura

Rector of the University of Information Technology in Warsaw, Polan

→ Professor Elżbieta Mączyńska

Rector of the University of Information Technology in Warsaw, Poland

→ Professor Volker Steinhübel

IFC Director – Institute of Control – Nürtingen, German

→ Professor Konstantin Theile

President of Educatis School of Management // Altdorf, Switzerland, Professor ESB – Business School // Reutlingen, Germany,
Director A. R. of marketing for the Swatch concern // Switzerland

→ Professor Bohdan Hud

The Dean of Institute for European Integration // University in Lwow, Ukraine

The Audit Committee:

~ Jiri Tichy – Chairman

Problem Commissions:

Ausschuss zur Zusammenarbeit mit Osteuropa

Commission for Cooperation with the European Parliament
Chairman – Zbigniew Roch
~ Commission for Cooperation with Eastern Europe
Chairman – engineer Artschil Abatchanaschwili
~ Commission for Cooperation with American continents
Chairman- Professor Longin Pastusiak
~ Commission for Cooperation with Asia
Chairman- Hussein Hazime
~ Commission for Cooperation with Africa
Chairman – Dr. Elly Cherwon
~ Educational Commission
Chairman – Professor Antoni Stasch
~ Commission for scientific Development
Chairman –  Professor dr. Felix Hovsepian
~ Commission for Charitable Activities
Chairman – Jakob Roch


~ Angelo Deichmann – Secretary



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