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Welcome to the official website of the European Business Club – a multidimensional, all-European economic organization established on the initiative of German and Polish business circles. The purpose of our Association is to conduct activities that would expand and consolidate cooperation in terms of economic, scientific and social relations across Europe.

We are an elite Club of business people who share the same ambition of creating favorable conditions for the growth of enterprise and development in Europe of a competitive market economy open the world and scientific research that would serve this purpose. An important link of our curriculum consists in educational, charity and social activities as well as in shaping and propagating of a code of ethics in an economic activity.

In execution of our goals we cooperate with various national and international state, social and private organizations. We have the ambition of becoming a forum for cooperation and discussion on the issues of economy, international exchange as well as for interchange of economic, scientific and legislative information.

We participate in representation of the interests of the members of our Association by providing to them the relevant promotions, intensification of economic relations and capital contacts and transfer of know-how.

Our meeting place:

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Particular emphasis we put on economic cooperation at European level, and contacts with legislative and executive authorities of the European Union at which our organization is accredited.

We support the process of European economic integration, implementing and transfer of innovative technologies, we engage in economic cooperation with countries in other continents

In our everyday activity, we follow the principles of mutual respect and many-sides benefits for the members of our Club, basing on more than 25-years` experience of such organizations as the Club of Europe, the Polish Business Club or Connecting Europe.

From the members of our organization, we expect inspiration and mutual cooperation, as well as the construction of the prestige of the Club in the countries from which they come.

For our part, we admit statuettes of “European Victoria” especially meritorious personalities from politics, science, economy and culture and promote enterprising people, which can boast of success and innovation in their business.

You are cordially invited for cooperation.


President EBCA
Zbigniew Roch


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